Sunday, May 15, 2011


ok. It has taken me a YEAR to finally post my 500th post. Cue balloons to fall from the sky. That is ridonkulous. I was scared of 500. Not as much as the looming 40, but that's another post entirely. One that I will probably write in my nightmares and share with you all. But I got this email today about my favorite little miss b who decided to start a blog. well, i was inspired! So hi, HOW ARE YOU? And by you, I am talking to myself b/c I'm pretty sure after 13 months of dead blog air, no one comes back. But it's for me. Ok so I have been consumed with FB and now I'm twitter fabulous. I have "met" some awesome truly fanatical womens soccer fans. WOOP. SOme make me laugh and its so fun finding an underground group of soccer spazzes who love the US womens national team as much as i do. maybe more, b/c they actually fly to see games and I DVR them and ignore their tweets until I catch up on the game. SO it's a WORLD CUP year! 2011! year of the German hosted Womens' event. So being sippyworldcup I do feel a sense of duty to get back to blogging. It's soo 2001. which brings me to another fact. I have been blogging for 10 years, well if you don't hold that one year of non blogging against me. Pretend I went to jail and I am back and all rehabilitated. sweet. And we are selling our house. I won't tell you where it is and I'm not insane enough to post it on Foursquare and have everyone follow me. I do have limits people. So I watched the US women beat Japan 2-0. It was a pretty enjoyable win until my favorite player Lindsay Tarpley came in (YAY) and then blew out her knee. I don't know Tarp, but I do feel close enough to call her Tarp and to know when she came up and winced up at the sky that something VERY VERY bad had happened. I have that sort of connection to her. And we won't mention that this is not the first knee injury that kept her off the team for a few years. I do feel sick about it and I will blame this coach for it, these knee injuries weren't as rampant before this Pia came along. Some stats for me to work on. and just to keep you up to date. kids:2, stevenjr:6, carlinB:2.75.

Well, there it is. I ripped the bandaid off, the gag-order, the writers block whatever it was that kept me from talking about soccer and being a mom watching soccer. I haven't even covered topics like "Is this what Landon Donovan's mom felt like" after steven scored 4 goals in a game last Fall. No matter that he trudges to the field and putting his cleats on is akin to a prison guard putting a lockdown on the yard. There's always kid #2!!!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Mother Nature

ok. imagine that. I return to blogging and here it is a lil ode to Earth Momma herself. I won't bother you with playing catchup. Let's just pretend we are the kind of old friends that can not see eachother for years, and just pick back up where we left off. Hopefully spitting wine out of our noses and pretending to forget that mullet you had in high school. I mean me. Or was it you. Anyway, today was Earth Day at the park where Carlin(20 months - for those of you playing at home) and Steven jr (4.90). Carlin fell off 3 structures during my intense Earth saving garbage bag holding 5 seconds. One fall resulted in blood. all over her face, cute shirt and my arm and sleeve. (get home and find out that she chomped her TONGUE!! open!!! EEEWWW!) I know it sounds harsh but I wanted to wipe it off my arm first, but there was a mom watching me and I tended to Carlin first. Oh yeah, all that therapy you spend being the "SECOND" born? Well worth it, sorry but #1 sibling got the best and I'm sorry but #2 can be a bit of an annoyance. I know what you are thinking, wow, she is evil and shouldn't have children. But next year is kindergarten for Steven and all those hours of free time: 8:30am - 3:10pm will be spent completely focused on #2...or maybe I will find a game better than bejeweled to fill my void hours. So I finally strapped Carlin into a stroller and pushed her while I grabbed garbage from this park. There were other moms there - thank God, really you think I do this on my own? And I ran across a pair of completely nasty "purchased white" underpants, but I left them. I do have standards here! Earth momma and all but there is no way I am picking up dirty underwear from a Sunday BBQ gone bad. Plus the police might need to return for evidence.

On the allergy front, We tried a new one with Carlin, Dr Simpson in Falls Church and I loved him! YAY!!! Finally a doc that understands the need for INFORMATION TRANSFER. So 3 hours later in his office and I'm excited! We try wheat trials for Carlin this week!!! Steven goes in 5 weeks later and I'm hopeful!!!

My biggest loser competition with K, J, J, M and A starts tomorrow. So clearly, I will eat and drink tonight until my stomach literally pops a third child. Allergy Count: Carlin -milk, dog(not the eating kind), sesame, spring/fall seasonal allergies, soy, peanut, tree nuts: 7, Steven jr - peanuts, treenuts: 2.


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Thursday, January 28, 2010

what did I miss?

ok. yeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, were gonna have to let you go. no just kidding. im trying to think of ways to explain my absence. maybe i can blame baby carlin(now 18 months old!) being allergic to what i loving refer to as EVERYTHING! WHEAT, MILK, SESAME. it was a tough time and since i was seemingly committed to the cause of breastfeeding...I was not a happy camper and became a beast. Anyway, in walked mistress of the dark facebook and ficemook fell in love. But how could I walk away with a mere 3 posts til 500. the magic 500th post! the one people dream about logging right before their book deal is announced. i dunno. i got feet. maybe felt like a failure. maybe i didnt think i was funny anymore. and there was no public outcry. like seriously NONE. no one even asked, hey about that blog. nope. not til my lovely sisinlaw mentioned in a very nonthreathing email... that my blog was covered in photobucket "you kicked the bucket" error messages. so im back. and im feeling like my one liners on FB are just that. like the last gasp of breath. and now that everyone is there, im feeling bloggy. so BABY IM BACK! now i will work on filling you in on some carlin updates. i dont want her to look back and see all the press that steven jr got, while she well...disrupted my gastro-happiness. 2010 is interesting. joined a gym and now i got meself a personal trainer. i no longer want migraines after soccer and i want to be fit. so here it goes!!! months since last post:11, longest in ficemook history. RIP JDS.


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Thursday, March 05, 2009

misstery manners

ok. you know its bad when you learn about etiquette from the real housewives of orange county. It's even crazier when you watch the new season of the real housewives of NYC and you learn even more. Funny, they didn't cover the whole boobie in your face implants of orange county etiquette but im thinking that the ladies on that show could teach that class instead of paying some pearled uptight mim to school them on that. so my sister and i were appalled with how awful we are with table manners...not truly horrible...but leaning into your plate is a huge No-NO and that's how we eat. i totally lean in like the prisoner to my right might try to swipe a chunk of my pasta. so I am really- REALLY trying to sit up straight proper. like the southern belle i am learning to be. I was glad that I knew the proper fork positioning and the way to eat bread and butter.(which i do actually spend a lot of time eating!) So I watch these total trash shows and then last week at MOPS we had a lesson on etiquette which was cool b/c she actually taught us about the origins. So it's good to know that true etiquette was to keep the peasants in line. and i am nothing if not a peasant! A quick look at the calendar has alerted me that I have less than a month to prepare for outdoor soccer. And a true look at the calendar reveals that I haven't played outdoor soccer in TWO years. UGH. UGH. along with the 20 extra pounds of baby-creating flesh I am carrying around. this is a recipe for disaster. see previous post about wii-fit injury. I should be out jogging instead of here blogging with my coffee, but I am so over Facebook right now. so i am back in the blog world. days til april: 31, jogging hours needed: 62.
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Saturday, February 07, 2009

half year mark!

ok. it's the six month birthday for Carlin B! yahoooo. It happens to coincide with baby's daddy's birthday! wahooooo - steveO! so carlin's 6 month appointment went off without a hitch, unless you consider $346 eczema foam a hitch! EEEYIKES. it's ok as the good doctor gave me a card to get it for free, but still. I don't know that I can handle that price tag! the new liquid gold for babies! Well, as you can read, her food allergies are still crazy, it's just now i have a foam to put on it and it magically makes it disappear! like AWESOME! so that has me a bit concerned about what exactly I am smearing all over her body. Now if it will only cure her wild scratching! I feel so bad for the baby that can't sleep through the night b/c she is waking up madly scratching! so we are holding off the food til her face is really clear. oh the joys of being a moomoo cow. Now onto soccer news - the Womens Professional Soccer League will be starting this spring and to say I am excited is an understatement. Honestly, you know I wish Mia would just come out of retirement - at least to be a coach or analyst. it's just going to seem so amateur to me without her there. So you will be hearing alot about the Washington Freedom here and hopefully I can keep track of how Carli Lloyd is doing too. I wonder if they will have a fantasy league like they did for WUSA? This also means that this spring I will be heading to Maryland and watching these gals kick the ball around. And hopefully, baby Carlin can enjoy it as a baby. You got to start them early! 6 month baby weight: 18 lbs, weight %: 80, decrease %: 10.

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